Renix Electronics - Electronic Hardware Design Capabilities

Hardware Design:

Hardware Design: Digital, Analog , Interface

Designs vary in complexities from a small 8-pin PIC12C Controller to larger Processors or DSP with a FPGA for I/O expansion, Peripheral Modules, Interface and glue logic. Electronic Designs consist both of Digital and Analog circuitry. Renix Electronics has completed many such designs as part of a deliverable or as turnkey solutions.

Hardware Design - Processors & Firmware

VHDL (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language ) for FPGA designs.

Complete VHDL Test Benches using text based vector input (stimulus) & output (error reporting) files.

(See our FPGA and Programmable page for more details on Xilinx and Altera FPGA designs)

VHDL (Xilinx synthesis & Coregen tools) Xilinx Spartan/ II /3, VIRTEX/E/II, CoolRunner
VHDL (Altera synthesis & MegaWizard Tools) Altera Cyclone III, Avalon bus and SOPC Builder
Modelsim Simulation / Verification Xilinx MicroBlaze, ChipScop Pro
CCS PIC C Compiler, Microchip MPLAB IDE MICROCHIP PIC12/14000/16C
IAR Embedded Workbench, Quadravox AQ430 Texas Instruments MSP430F4x/11x
C/C++, Assembly Languages INTEL 8080/85 / 49, 8031/51, 8088 / 86, PHILIPS 87C652


Hardware Design - Interfaces, Analog & Power

We have experience with several serial, parallel or custom interfaces requiring custom handshaking.

A/D-D/A, PWM techniques, I2C, 3-Wire SPI, LVDS, RS 232 / 485 to name a few.

Power Supply designs - Switched Mode & Linear Regulated Power Supply design.

 Rectification, Passive filtering, Op-Amp based Active Filters.

 Inductive drive electronic circuit design, including the device protection circuitry. (Snubber Circuits).


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